Mobile Insurance

massUp developed a new kind of mobile insurance – for the needs of modern customers.

Cover for all mobile phone models

Insured risks from breakages, falls, liquids to theft

Attractive end consumer prices thanks to a novel concept with price scales according to damage classes from 1.49 Euro / month

No annoying IMEI registration on completion

Easy online completion and fully digital processing including damage and repair

Protected Item –
the all risk cover

Protected Item is the innovative answer to the needs of modern consumers: more and more smaller but expensive and emotionally valuable items are bought for their owners. Standard insurance often does not cover this or only individual devices.

Protected Item changes that

More than 130 items in all major categories from electronics to sports goods are covered by insurance – purely value-based, automatic and with no barriers to closing.

Protected Item thus becomes the perfect add-on for commerce and e-commerce and can be offered in every possible way:

As standard annual insurance

As a short-term product

As a monthly terminable insurance

Or compulsory integrated into product sales as customer service

Innovative Insurance Products

You’re looking for new products for your sales? massUp®: with more than 30 types of insurance, offers a wide range of products in the areas of annex, niche and short-term insurance. Innovative insurance with conditions that outperform those in the market and with margins that have a relevant impact on your business. And even ready to hand on the shelf – so that you can start selling immediately.

Tailor-made Insurances

We will gladly help you with the development and launch of new products. Our cover holder, the European Annex Insurance GmbH company, operates as a B2B company together with partners from the financial services sector (insurance companies, banks and marketing), product manufacture and commerce / service. In the process, we adopt a white label approach and see ourselves as a cooperation partner and a service provider.

Your competitive advantage

Boost your business with insurance add-ons

That’s what you need?

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