The turnkey experience for
Insurance Business

massUp let’s sell our B2B partners P&C and Affinity insurances instantly. We offer a unique white label portfolio with over 30 different insurance policies for around 150 product categories, which we can tailor to our customers‘ needs – for use as a standalone product in insurance sales, add-on for retail or embedded insurance for eCommerce sales.


Our proven API-driven platform provides our partners with the basis for switching to completely digital, cost-efficient processing in no time at all – worldwide.


Innovative products from the shelf

We offer a range of products from all kinds of personal lines - innovative, developed for nowadays customers and with competitive pricing. Special wishes? We design products tailor made for your target group.

Plug it in instantly

Our technology helps you sell on- and offline and integrate our transaction process smoothly. We let you start directly: simply register with us and get your personal product code. We help as well, if you need a standalone frontend platform in your brand.

Focus on sales - we cover everything else

Selling products from massUp means you don't have to bother about payment, policing, claims or contract management - we cover all necessary services. Fully digital, highly efficient and in real time.

Global coverage

The massUp products can be used worldwide - an all contintents. Through our global network, we can also offer the appropriate insurance services in international markets.

Ways to work with massUp

Startup program

All beginnings can be difficult - but massUp offers startups with new Insurtech ideas a way out. Based on our proven platform and experience, we support promising startups worldwide - already on three continents. Let's talk about your ideas!

Digital solution

Our partners benefit from our end-to-end platform, which allows them to sell and manage either massUp insurance product and as well their own insurances online in their channels without any further ado - independent of their own legacy system.

White Label Insurances

massUp offers P&C insurances as a complete package: from product design and underwriting to risk coverage. Based on our flexible framework, the white label insurances can be quickly adapted for individual sales approaches.

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